Final Reflection 2: My WOW Moment

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In sexy lesbian porn DED 318, my “wow” moment was when we were discussing iPads and how useful they truly are.  I remember learning about the interactive e-readers and how textbooks were so accessible with the help of an iPad.  I think that it is amazing how schools are integrating this new technology into their classrooms. 

In hentai porn movies my music classroom, there is a possibility that I would get the opportunity to teach students with the use of an iPad.  iPads are able to show sheet music very easily and I think that it would be fantastic if some page turns were easier so students do not have to stop playing their instruments in order to turn a page.  I am sure that finding new music can be made easier with the use of an iPad too!

Overall, I am very excited about being able use this new technology to help the fine arts progress forward in an efficient way.  The internet has a ton of resources that will make iPads even more useful.

Jim Groom Ed Punk

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There was a presentation at Kansas State University made by Jim Groom earlier this month that was sponsored by Ed Parkour.  The presentation was very enlightening about the future of technology in the classroom.

Jim Groom’s Presentation at Kansas State University

Jim Groom is phone porn a professor at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  There is a lot of historical significance to that area regarding the American Civil War.  Jim Groom has his students go around the area to learn more then he has them tell their stories on their online portfolios with the help of wordpress. His idea of learning has inspired new perspectives.  Students are now able to learn in ways that were not even thought of a century ago.  Students are able to harness concepts about the past through storytelling! It is like sharing links with your friends and family on facebook.

Jim celebrity news Groom thinks that we should borrow information within reason so that we can stay on track and go forward to learn new concepts.  His idea shows that people can access information in many different ways.  They should be able to use the technology and share it with others online.  Basically, I think that allowing students to have this freedom to write what they want to about what interests them will help them become naturally curious learners.  Students usually hate blogging at first.  Students do not want to be told that they absolutely have to do a project.  If the class allows the students to leisurely come up with their own journal they will have their own sense of ownership.

This aspect of learning is very D.I.Y., much like the punk spirit.  Jim Groom does not actually want to learning to be completely without organization. Institutions like Kansas State University help guide learning for students.  Allowing students a certain amount of freedom is very helpful with their development as self-sufficient citizens. Students will feel unmotivated if  there is absolutely no ownership in how they learn.

I lesbian videos agree with Jim Groom.  I feel like sometimes it is very hard to complete assignments when there is no real world experience to back up my statements.  There is excitement in being able to say, I have been there and done that.  I also feel that finding fun things on the internet and sharing it with others is a wonderful way to learn from one another. I do not feel like it is a chore to continue my education when I can access links on the internet and use them as tools for my own benefit.

My nude celebrities future students should be allowed to use the internet as a tool.  In a music classroom, access to music notation programs such as finale will help students visualize how music works. There are websites that are readily available for ear training. When it comes to music performance, allowing students to use recordings helps them decide how they want to interpret a piece of musical repertoire.  The possibilities for learning with the internet and computers seem infinite.  There is so much data out there on the world wide web.

Week 1: Technology Bits, Bytes & Nibbles Reflection

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When gay sex looking around at the Cyndi Danner-Kuhn’s website “Technology Bits, Bytes, and Nibbles”, celeb sex tapes I could not help but notice that she posted a lot about apple products that are great tools for the classroom.  One of the links that was on her site showed 75 ways to use an iPad in schools.  There are also links that show support for how iPads improve learning in the classroom. For example, the website shows how students who use iPads for their math assignments did 20% better than those students who did not use these tablets. If technology like the iPad can make a difference, then other technology can too.

Technology lesbian porno makes education more accessible.  Different learning types are able to be accommodated with the use of different tools on the internet.  For aural learners, there are ways, such as iSpeech, to get information read back to you on your computer or iPad.  Podcasts also can help students so that they can listen to lecture repeatedly so that they don’t miss any important information. There are different applications that are intended to help students learn different concepts in education. There are plenty of applications that I can use for music alone. There are social networking websites that are used by students for specific classrooms. Using technology to help students learn can also help them make better decisions when they post information to the web. Since technology makes education more accessible, how can teachers ensure that technology will be more readily available to students?


This best mobile porn website shows tips on how to spend money wisely when it comes down to buying a lot of technology for schools with limited budgets.  Schools who have limited budgets still should have some technology so students can be accommodated easily as well as have the independence to learn new things with technology.