Week 2 – The Tech Chicks Tips

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“Tech Chick Tips” is propecia online a handy website that shares many links that are helpful to educators.  They cover a wide variety of subjects and they share several links that show practical tips that can make teaching a little bit easier.  One article that I read from their site discussed how to make teaching more like the popular game ‘Angry Birds’. When you teach a course that is a lot like ‘Angry Birds’ it makes learning more addictive, and when students fail at something it becomes easier to try things black porn again sometimes multiple times.  It reminds me of using the ‘drill and practice’ teaching method.  When I am teaching music, there are bound to be students who make mistakes and that is okay.  Students have to go through some trial and error practice to get music to really connect in a positive way.

There celebrity nude are other links on the website that discuss tips for fighting against current problems like cyber bullying best hentai porn or even problems with classroom management. cartoon porn videos There are also links that show tools for the music classroom such as animated sheet musiccartoon porn Animated sheet music shows what the music looks like as it gets played. The video that shows animated sheet music accommodates visual and auditory learners. There is also a wonderful video lesbian sex that shows the application of the mathematics and science of sound.

There phone porn are patterns in music and technology like videos can help students understand complex concepts that usually takes a long time to fully grasp. Technology aid students in becoming more efficient in their educational journey.  Technology when properly used can help students answer questions that have not even been discussed in the classroom.